Strategy Development

The Strategy Development phase is specially built for customers ready to launch their products in the market, yet need some guidance for maximum success.


The Deployment Strategy serves firms who need experienced fractional sales and marketing resources and insight to continue their growth.

Corporate Development

United BioChannels’ Corporate Development strategy supports you with the planning and execution of strategies to meet organizational objectives.

Strategy Development

The Mission

Our Strategy Development path provides you a competent team that implements highly renowned methods to develop your desired commercial launch packet. Our methods are based on past successful experiences, meaning that your company will receive valuable information to avoid hurdles.

Why This Program?

Our strategy development relies on proven best practices for developing a commercial launch package. We can provide you with comprehensive information to guide your sales and marketing efforts. We can also effectively pinpoint your ideal market to maximize opportunities.

Knowledgeable team and procedures

We use methods that have been proven to help companies excel. Not only are our methods well-tested, but our staff also has expertise in developing commercial launch packets.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed analysis of competition will prepare you for interactions within your marketplace while ensuring your company is viewed as a valued resource and supplier.

Reliable Outcomes

Outcomes of this program include market and competition analysis and segmentation, gap assessments, a messaging platform verified through a voice of customer exercise, and landing page built to receive your target client.


The Mission 

Once you have established who your primary customer will be, it is time to get in front of them and aid them on the journey to adopt your solution.  United BioChannels provides “ready to go” sales and business development professionals and a process to manage their integration into your commercial team.

Why This Program?

Our Deployment Strategy is ideal for customers that have some exposure to the market, but need further assistance to maximize growth.

clear process

This process will enlighten your company with a clear view of pipeline opportunity, the resources required develop it, and the insights required to ensure we see expected returns within a predictable timeline.


Together we will provide a large footprint in the marketplace to rapidly access your customers and mange a growing pipeline of opportunity. 

Market Building

We will aid in building your market from early adopters to access the majority of your marketshare. Our goal is to ensure we are creating net promoters who will support your growth efforts.

Corporate Development

The Mission

Once the sales process has been implemented and proven it is easy to start expanding toward growth. We provide customers the opportunity to scale up their resources as needed.

Why This Program?

Our Corporate Development strategy is fit for experienced firms looking to expand. 


If you have reached this point, it means you need a strong team to continue success. We will help you to successfully recruit for your management team.


Our team can help you towards corporate development without the need of full time hiring or training specifically for corporate development.


We have the capability of expanding your network, as well as connecting your company with the desired pathways. We can help you with: creating alliances, M&A, financing,  and divestment & management of IP.

Sprint Program

The Mission

Our Sprint Programs have been created to align an organizational view of the available opportunities and the outcomes they should expect along with the investments required to reach commercial goals quickly.

Why This Program?

The United BioChannels Commercial Sprint Programs are tailored for quick market interactions and feedback. The Sprint Programs are designed to better position new technologies for early adopter access and commercial expansion.

Time Effective

With a four week project promise, our Sprint Program aims to achieve your goals in a time efective manner.

Brand Goals

Within the given timeline, our biggest goal is to help you clarify the exact market position for your brand and your product.

Commercial Goals

We will help you get your product to the right shape for commercial traction. We will work together to find which commercials goals are attainable, and pinpoint actions needed to take to achieve them.

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