United BioChannels is your brand manager for North America.

At United BioChannels we deliver the strategy and support required for our Brands and their investors to bring innovations to market.


Brand Management

Brand awareness within the life science ecosystem targeting researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and investors.


Sales Outsourcing

Rapid revenue growth utilizing established agent channels and regional business development consultants.


Strategic Planning

Business forecasting, channel transparency, and regular business review.

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United BioChannels specializes in developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies for life science companies entering the North American market.

Our team of experienced regional business development consultants work with our network of sales agents and marketing partners to accelerate your products’ introduction. We excel in establishing and managing sales channels by matching products with appropriate agents within an economical cost structure. Unlike distribution models we provide marketing feedback, customer access, and visibility to the end user.

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Industry News

Industry News

At UBC we are thrilled to be associated with scientists working passionately to bring innovative therapies and drugs to market. Innovations that will be the difference for how many people live their lives. As treatments are becoming more “personalized,” they encounter...

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The SMOD and Anaerobic Cell Culture Monitoring

The SMOD and Anaerobic Cell Culture Monitoring

Anaerobic bacteria make up a large proportion of bacterial microflora and are associated with a number of diseases. For example, the obligate anaerobe Clostridium difficile is a potentially fatal gastrointestinal pathogen of humans and animals. Therefore, they need to...

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