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Sprint Programs are modular programs tailored for quick assessment of market viability and technology positioning to drive commercial expansion and increase the accessibility of top tier consulting services for all companies. 

Internal Assessment

The Internal Assessment is a rigorous analysis by biotechnology experts used to align company stakeholders around the product to the potential markets and the company’s commercial goals. It is a crucial step in both the design and the troubleshooting of commercial strategies within an organization. The internal assessment provides the foundational research required to align management around the most successful commercial strategy and is the key to a successful sales team.


Process: Review website, product materials & proof statements, customer experience, commercial goals, stakeholder interviews and sales pipeline.

Deliverable: MS PPTX analysis of the strength and weaknesses of the product and company to pinpoint the potential market segments with the best market fit to meet commercial goals. READ MORE

Market Research

Market assessment determines the commercial strategy with the largest fiscal opportunity through segmentation analysis, prediction of future market trends, and identification of leading competitors by application.

Process: Review available market forecast reports and scientific literature to validate market assumptions.

Deliverable: MS PPTX Report of market overview, market segmentation, trends, drivers, and key competition. Includes analysis of implications and actionable steps to improve market traction. READ MORE

Competitor Research

The Competitor research identify the strengths and weaknesses of existing solutions that are in direct competition with your product. The results assist in identifying market opportunities for your product, which are then evaluated for commercial viability and used to guide your commercial team. 

Process: Thorough analysis of competitor website to analyze messaging and proof statements, followed by literature review (publications making technology comparisons, working group reviews, and conference proceedings).

Deliverable: MS PPTX report of competitor products, markets, and positioning to identify opportunities for product differentiation and market development.

Pipeline Review

Pipeline reviews provide insight into your successes, challenges, and missed potential in your commercial strategy. A thorough pipeline review evaluates current and historical opportunities, lost and won, to assist commercial teams in maximizing revenue generation. The UBC team provides clean data for analysis, guidance regarding the maintenance of the database, and an analysis that identifies additional opportunities for growth and fortification of the sales pipeline.


Process: Review of current open sales pipeline, closed won and closed lost opportunities by application. 

Deliverable: MS Excel and PPTX report with findings to align the leadership team on which application segments resulted in the greatest amounts of revenue generating opportunity with maximal return on investment. READ MORE

Voice of Customer

A Voice of Customer, VoC, analyzes and captures product features, benefits, and utility from the eyes of the customers, thought leaders, and early adopters. VoC is imperative for product validation, development of marketing content and product strategy. UBC experts optimize and execute scripted interviews to source and deliver unbiased feedback on the company and product in the customer’s own words. 

Process: Develop a script around 5 key areas for market feedback. Identify and interview customers, though leaders and early adopters.

Deliverable: MS PPTX report of customer feedback, analysis of drivers and implications, and customer specific language to develop a messaging platform and accelerate traction in a given market.  READ MORE

United BioChannels specializes in the development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies for biotechnology companies of any size or stage. The UBC team brings extensive commercial and scientific expertise to rapidly execute high level marketing and sales activities that overcome financial and organizational hurdles.

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