Proteome Sciences is pleased to announce the receipt of Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) accreditation which will support the Company’s growth in proteomic services for the analysis of clinical trial samples.
Proteome Sciences is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in the analysis of proteins detected by Mass Spectrometry offering various Discovery Services to characterise proteins and their associated post translational modifications. By using LC-MS2, LC-MS3, SysQuant® and TMTcalibratorTM methodologies on tissue or biological fluid samples, they can detect many thousands of proteins in each sample. Proteome Sciences technology uses isobaric Tandem Mass Tags (TMT®) which enable up to 10 samples to be multiplexed simultaneously (TMT®10Plex). Proprietary bioinformatics software reduces protein signatures to tens of proteins that are either up-, or down-regulated with disease progression or drug treatment. Now, targeted SRM Mass Spectrometry based techniques, can be used for fit-for-purpose biomarker assays in a GCLP certified clinical trial environment.

Commercial Immunoassay kits cover many important biomarkers but have only addressed 5% of the potential targets. The challenge has been how to enable more disease relevant biomarkers for use in clinical trials. The GCLP accreditation combined with proprietary informatics and unique capabilities for multiplexing are helping scientist explore the proteome and make impactful discoveries.