Triton Marketing

Triton Marketing is a successful marketing internship program that has already been effectively applied within United BioChannels since its inception. We are a diverse group of individuals with a proven track record of successfully implementing marketing initiatives ready to bring your company to the next level.

Who We Are

We are a team of driven interns ready to support your company towards building a strong foundation. We have direct mentorship from the experienced united BioChannels team, so our work exceeds desired standards.

Who You Are

You are a start-up company looking for a way to launch your technology, but need help with creating core content. You need help solidifying basic concepts of your company, yet you have a limited budget.

Our team can create foundational content for your company, so that you can focus on expanding your company. Our team can help you in the process of creating your style guide, corporate decks, webpage, and a core market list.
Website Email Campaign List Building
The basis of sales interaction; attracts a lot of traffic from non-converted customers. We can help build your website based on a desired style guide. Based off this information, we can ultimately synthesize a corporate deck. A coordinated set of emails sent to potential and current clients to maintain interaction and “top of mind status” with clientele. Our team can create and communicate promotions, product updates, brand awareness, and drive attendance for other marketing activities. Drive sign-ups from website and social media through landing pages.  Create potential client lists through a unique business analytic approach.

Triton Marketing offers a variety of perks for your company.

The perks of this program are centered around the following:


Triton Marketing provides a less costly alternative: you will be working with a supervised group of individuals for a fraction of the cost for a full time employee, or a full marketing team. This team will ultimately save your company time, and money.





Interns are under direct supervision for projects that they work on to make sure projects exceed desired standards, and timelines. Not only will you be working with our effective intern team, but also with knowledgeable supervisors.


In no way are you bound to a contract. Triton Marketing allows for any work timeline: whether you are interested in short or long term collaboration. Extraneous costs and time will be avoided through a round of marketing with this team.


Nick Butler

Nick Butler

Nick Butler is an experienced Business Development Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in direct to consumer sales industry as well as data analysis. He quickly moved from beginning data entry work to establishing practices that would outlast his time at differing firms. With boundless enthusiasm, he has established a strong early career network and a strong reputation as a highly reliable source of tangible output. His skills range from Lead Generation to Outbound Marketing, with a specialty in consumer trends.

Jane Coates

Jane Coates

Jane is a junior pursuing a B.S. in Molecular Biology at University of California San Diego. After graduation, Jane aspires to earn a Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology and use her experience in both wet-lab and marketing to enter into the small biotech realm. Jane began working for United BioChannels in 2019 creating marketing content and managing products. She has now taken on responsibilities for Triton Marketing and hopes to continue to grow our audience and lay a foundation for prospective team members.
Annie Iskin

Annie Iskin

Annie is an undergraduate student at UCSD working towards a B.A. degree in International Business with a marketing emphasis. Triton Marketing has allowed her to develop concrete marketing skills in a real business setting. She has a strong interest in marketing automation and looks forward to further developing these skills with United BioChannels. In the next 5 years, she sees herself as someone who has evolved into a savvy marketer, who has built up a great skillset with proven results.
Jennifer Lazo

Jennifer Lazo

Jennifer is a fourth year UCSD student from the Bay Area. She is pursuing an Economics major, and is minoring in Cognitive Science & Philosophy. She is strongly interested in the marketing aspects of Triton Marketing because it has helped her clarify what she wants to do for her professional career.  She desires to further refine her marketing-related skills she acquired through her experience at United BioChannels. She is a competent individual that strives to further excel the expectations she has set for United BioChannels.
Chetana Thappeta

Chetana Thappeta

Chetana is a third year UCSD student from Bangalore, India. She studies Bioinformatics and plans to get a master’s degree so she can go on to do cancer research. Currently, she is on a review board for the Saltman Quarterly, an undergraduate research journal. At United BioChannels, she is primarily responsible for business development through lead generation and nurturing. She enjoys her work as it allows her to stay on top of current biotechnology and research. By pushing her boundaries and unifying her love of biotechnology with marketing,  she hopes to continue to develop a useful and well rounded skill set.

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