Rare cell isolation from blood made easy through a novel microfluidic technology.

BioFluidica will expand its ability to collaborate with clinical oncologists via their new accelerator lab services located in San Diego, CA.  Researchers will be able to send blood samples for processing, and receive viable rare cells within weeks for further analysis. BioFluidica has partnered with UBC to understand how to collaborate with clinical centers in North America to develop a multitude of available applications. Because the cells are intact and viable, and the purity of the circular tumor cells (CTCs) is high, they can be used in downstream applications such as mRNA expression profiling, next generation sequencing, and/or DNA mutational analysis. UBC will help determine where development efforts should be focused for the highest impact to scientific outcomes and company value.


About BioFluidica

BioFluidica’s platform for the analysis of CTC’s consists of simple instrumentation that works in conjunction with a disposable test-specific chip, The test-specific chip accepts whole blood directly without any preprocessing which simplifies CTC isolation, analysis, and improves results. 

Rolf Muller, CEO of BioFluidica, states that with BioFluidica’s technology “we are able to program microfluidic chips to isolate any kind of diagnostically relevant cells from blood samples whether from solid tumors or blood cancer”.