Welcome SMOD, the Smart Measuring Optical Device that delivers real time OD600 and temperature monitoring. SMOD accelerates the process of monitoring suspension cell culture growth by delivering data wirelessly to your computer or smartphone. This means no more opening of cell culture flasks before harvest, and no more cell culture sampling at inconvenient times.

Check out the SMOD in action!

Lifeonics, SMOD creator, has partnered with United BioChannels Corporation to introduce SMOD.  The UBC team will be interacting with cell culture laboratories across the continent, providing a revolutionary change to the monitoring process of cell culture growth.

Jeff Whitmore, President of United BioChannels, comments, “UBC is proud to bring this novel technology to the North American markets, delivering a breakthrough in improving productivity in cell culture monitoring.”

Clive Seymour, CEO of Lifeonics, comments, “The North American markets are clearly of great importance to us as we roll SMOD out around the globe. For the many laboratories growing bacterial and yeast cells for down-stream research and processing such as plasmid production, recombinant protein development and other applications, SMOD offers a major improvement in productivity and quality. We look forward to working with UBC and its partners to bring these benefits to the North American markets.”

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