Are you considering launching your product into a new market? Is your product not gaining the market traction you expected? Do you want investors to believe in your product as much as you do? 

The Positioning Brief: Driving Commercial Strategy

Product market fit is the beginning of any successful business plan, but is not always the first consideration when developing technology from benchtop research. A positioning brief conducted by an impartial third-party provides expertise and validation needed to optimize and fund commercial activities. 

United BioChannels Expertise:

United BioChannels specializes in the development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies for biotechnology companies of any size or stage. UBC brings extensive commercial and scientific expertise to rapidly evaluate, position, and execute high level marketing and sales activities that can be financial and organizational hurdles for inexperienced or over-leveraged companies. 

President of United BioChannels
Varshal Davé

VP of Corporate Development

Managing Director of United BioChannels
Monica Errico

Managing Director

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Our Key Successes Include: 

 Building industry partnerships and connections with key opinion leaders 

Guiding companies through fundraising activities to secure financing for successful commercialization efforts

Evaluating optimal product positioning for highest ROI and lasting market traction

What is The Positioning Brief:

The first step towards UBC success is to establish or validate commercial strategy. In only 3-4 weeks, a fraction of the time needed to source, hire, and onboard an in-house team, UBC will determine where your product will have the greatest commercial success. 

During the positioning brief, data is gathered and analyzed to determine the appropriate market segment for optimal ROI. Through careful competitive analysis, engagement with early adopters and the establishment of market position, the positioning brief sets a calculated path for commercial success.

  • Internal Assessment: How do you communicate product value to potential customers? What do customers know about you? What is missing? 
  • Competitive & Gap Analysis: Where do competitors have a stronghold? Where you can compete outside of established markets? How is the product meeting market expectations?


  • Voice of Customer: Our robust network of KOLs review and validate existing product positioning and potential positioning.
  • Go to Market Strategy: Develop marketing segmentation and sales strategy for highest return (prioritization of market segments to pursue) 

Why Do I Need a Positioning Brief: 

United BioChannels positions products for success in any commercial arena. The positioning brief is the first step in gaining market share for biotechnological products. Through the systematic identification of audience segments with the most opportunity for market traction, engagement of thought leaders and KOLs for product validation, content and positioning audit, and creation of a cohesive and validated commercial plan to engage investors, the positioning brief is your next step to commercial success. 

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