UBC is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Trinean. This Belgium-based biotech company has provided innovation to spectrophotometric measurements with their DropSense instruments. The technology can measure up to 96 highly concentrated Protein, DNA and RNA samples in just 5 minutes without the need for dilutions. Trinean also provides innovation through a microfluidic consumable for sample stabilization and with its cDrop software, a data analysis package that removes artifacts within measurements from sample preparation.

Together, Trinean’s technological innovation paired with UBC’s ability to shorten sales cycles, develop reference labs, plan for and implement strategic growth, and grow brand awareness creates a “win-win” solution for the biotech industry.

United BioChannels will also provide the leadership and brand development Trinean needs to bring its DropSense technology to the United States.

“United BioChannels helped organize our sales process and succeed in the US market.”

  • Kris V., Head of Sales, Trinean